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Some Common Problems we are trying to solve

Lack of Access

Accessibility to services can be a challenge to certain individuals

Inefficient Business Operations

Some service vendors face difficulties in managing their day-to-day operations.

Poor Customer Service

Delivering excellent customer service is crucial for service vendors, but they struggle to handle customers inquiries.

Limited Customer Reach

Service vendors often find it challenging to reach a broader customer base beyond their local area.

Marketing and Branding Challenges

Many service vendors struggle with marketing their service or developing strong brand identity.

High cost

Affordability is a common issue for individuals seeking services.

What are the solutions our platform can help with

Access To Services

We connect users with a wide range of services providers, making it easier for individuals to find and access the services they need.

Unlimited Customer Reach

We connect Vendors with a wide range of Customers, making it easier for Vendors to reach customers.

Safety And Security

We verify our service providers by conducting background check.


We provide a convenient way to book services on our platform as well as upload your services, no complexity.

Swift Communication

We facilitate communication between the service providers and the users, allowing for easy and direct communication regarding further service details

What Makes Our App Different

Wide Range of Service Providers

Extensive network of service providers across various industries

Seamless Matching Algorithm

Advanced Algorithms and intelligent matching systems to connect users with the most suitable service providerrs..

Trust And Safety Assurrance

Implementation of rigorous verification and background checks.

Dedicated Customer Support

The platform offers dedicated customer support.

Value-Added Features

The platform goes beyond just connecting service providers and users by offering additional value-added features.

Quality Assurance

Implementation of different mechanisms to ensure quality assurance such as user reviews, ratings and feedback system.

Use cases of Kabukabu

A user having difficulties looking for home related service providers, such as plumbing, cleaning, electrical work, painting.

Using Kabukabu, the user can quickly search for any related service providers and hire them.

A freelancer facing the challenges of getting more clients.

Signing up on Kabukabu will open the opportunities to more clientele which leads to financial freedom.

Frequently Asked Questions

You can join as a service provider on our platform by filling out the registration form and submitting your details for review.

To become a service provider, you need to meet certain criteria, including relevant qualifications and experience in your respective category.

No, there is no registration or membership fee required to join as a service provider on our platform. It is free to sign up.

We are currently accepting service providers in various categories including freelancers.

As of now, we are accepting service providers from [Region/Country], and we are open to expanding to other regions in the future.

We carefully review and verify the credentials, experience, and references of each service provider before they are approved to join our platform.

Yes, you can provide services in multiple categories if you have the qualifications and expertise in those areas.

You can easily update your information and make changes to your profile by logging into your account and accessing the profile settings.

Yes, we have a review and rating system where clients can provide feedback on the services they received from service providers.

You will receive notifications about potential service opportunities via email or through the platform's messaging system whenever relevant projects arise.

The payment process will be discussed and agreed upon between you and the client before the commencement of the project.

Payment frequency may vary depending on the project or agreed-upon terms. Some projects may involve milestone payments, while others may be paid upon completion.

We may have certain performance metrics or targets to ensure service quality, which will be communicated to you as part of the onboarding process.

We provide ongoing support and assistance to our service providers through our dedicated support team and resources available on the platform.

Yes, you can showcase your previous work or portfolio on your profile to highlight your expertise and accomplishments.

You can stand out by highlighting your unique skills, experience, and approach to delivering services in your profile.

Yes, you can collaborate or partner with other service providers if there are opportunities for joint projects or complementary services.

We may limit the number of service providers in a specific category to ensure a balanced representation and fair competition.

In the event of a dispute, our support team

will step in to facilitate communication and work towards a fair resolution between both parties.

You can reach out to our support team through the provided contact channels on the platform, such as email or the in-app messaging system.

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